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Wordpress vs Ghost vs Squarespace vs Blot via Dropbox

For far too long I’ve had re-launching my blog as a task to complete.

Re-reading Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work inspired me to get posting and sharing.

This led me to run through all the CMS options out there. Here is why I chose Blot:

Why not Wordpress?

  • Too much maintenance
  • Bloat
  • Many plugins add up to make the project expensive
  • Updates breaking my site
  • Updated creating vulnerabilities
  • Plus: Hosting costs can be reasonable

Why not Ghost?

  • Great for writing and publishing > fast and inside my workflow
  • Dashboard is clean and simple, focus is on the right things.
  • Too many restrictions on designing the site
  • Limited templates that did not appeal to me and my needs
  • Steep design learning curve
  • Expensive

Why not Squarespace?

  • Expensive
  • Rigid design
  • Slow and cumbersome posting
  • Templates are too visual

Why not Webflow?

  • Love the design capabilities
  • Good template options
  • The most flexible
  • Concerned about writing and posting
  • Cannot access the dashboard from a via phone or app to post
  • Writing would be slow and cumbersome > outside my workflow

Why not flat CMSs?

  • Self hosted is more work than designing the UX
  • More technical than I want to be on this project

Why I chose Blot

  • Minimal design
  • Themes balance images and text
  • Features you need
  • Low / no maintenance
  • Clean, easy, fast
  • Dropbox backbone > inside my workflow
  • Writing and posting is accessible > inside my workflow
  • Reasonable price for what I need

Blot Homepage


You cannot go wrong with any of these platforms. Dig in and try them all till you find the right balance between features, design, speed, flexibility and price.

Try Blot because it’s tip top!

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