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Thoughts: Super Wildcard Weekend 2021

I have a friend in Austria who loves the NFL - so I wrote this up for him. Figured I’d post it.

Game of the weekend: Bucs v. Washington. Was the most compelling and competitive game.

Stinker: Ravens v. Titans

  • Henry ran with trepidation and a lack of inspiration. Mike Vrabel should show KJing Henry a side by side film of his regular season v. Sunday effort. Night and day. He is why they lost.

Most disappointing: Bills. They are going to need to play closer to their regular season performance if they want to challenge for the AFC. Saturday’s effort won’t get it done.

Most impressive: I can’t believe I am writing this - the Browns. I hate the Browns. Everything about the Browns. But they played the best ball of the weekend and I am writing this with 2 minutes left in the first half. They are physical. Imposing their will. Redefining the line of scrimmage. Enthusiastic. Hitting and punishing the Steelers offensive with a smile on their face. Cleaved Running Backs are the ones doing the hitting - people and holes - with explosive vision. The way King Henry should have been running.

Best Story: Taylor Heinicke. Wow. What. A. Game. He could be my QB anytime. Tough. Smart. Shifty. Accurate. Hope he gets a shot next season somewhere.

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