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MP3 Trimmer

Let me start by saying - I am not a podcaster. Not my favorite way to consume content. I don’t usually listen to podcasts outside of my commute.

Consuming and creating is different. Recording audio for my students has been an effective means of communication. My podcasts range in length between a few minutes to 45 minutes.

Of course, it is hard to get an audio or video recording nailed on the first take. No matter how hard we try, we forget to say something. This requires I splice and edit the audio recording.

I try to limit the edits to get the content out the door. I’m not interested in a big audio production. Nor am I a fan of feature creep or software bloat which all seem to be a pre-requisite for podcast editing software.

KISS audio editing

To cut, trim, splice, and fade my podcasts I use MP3 Trimmer. It’s a lightweight Mac OSX app that has been around for quite a while.

It provides precise control to locate and set the in and out points. I had a hard time finding this granular control on simplified audio editors for the Mac.

You can add fade-in, fade-out, splice, or cut many audio parts together.

It’s fast and does its job well.

In hindsight, I should have recorded the audio of this blog post instead of writing it…

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