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Long Overdue Update May 25, 2022 Notes It’s been far too long since I’ve written an update on this site. Primarily because I’ve been writing non-stop for my project: Emergent Futures Lab. Tools To Name Your Startup Company Sep 14, 2021 Notes Naming your Startup company can be one of the most challenging tasks when trying to get your new Startup venture off the ground. Identifying a Only Good has Come From Learning Search Engine Optimization May 26, 2021 Notes Every career has seminal moments. If we’ve spent time together you know one of mine is learning Search Engine Optimization. It was 2009, the midst EMCee of the 2021 Startup Montclair Pitch Competition May 15, 2021 Notes May 12, 2021 I had the great honor and privilege to EMCee of the 8th annual 2021 Startup Montclair Pitch Completion produced by the Feliciano Center No Such Thing as an Overnight Success May 8, 2021 Notes Entrepreneurship has become sensationalized by the media. People, mostly young people, see entrepreneurship as a quick way to make a buck. A way Thoughts: Super Wildcard Weekend 2021 Jan 11, 2021 notes I have a friend in Austria who loves the NFL - so I wrote this up for him. Figured I’d post it. Game of the weekend: Bucs v. Washington. Was the Website Images: The Hidden Sunk Cost Jan 11, 2021 notes The search to find, size, and brand images for my websites feels like an anchor tethered to time and wallet. The plethora of free image options Fall 2020 Semester Recap - No Code Dec 10, 2020 notes Fall 2020 semester required reimagining. Asking: How do students collaborate on startup projects while remaining miles apart? Need to pivot away 2020 MIX Lab - A Year in Review Dec 8, 2020 notes Published the MIX Lab 2020 Year in Review a few hours ago. Impossible to believe that in 2020 we accomplished anything at all. Yet we did. Despite Differences in SEO Tool Evaluations Dec 7, 2020 notes Update: University IT was able to ensure all students can use a Chrome Extension on all machines… I am moving forward with Keywords Everywhere. Going Global: Entrepreneurship Abroad at Montclair State University Nov 16, 2020 Notes November 2020 I had the honor and privilege moderating a panel discussion on International entrepreneurship. Panel members: Susanne Klepsch of Meet Write Once Use Twice Oct 10, 2020 notes Write once. Avoid re-writing for different uses. Write everything with the intent to publish. Notes and copy are written in a direct, clear, and Research Ways To Present My Newsletter May 14, 2020 notes I’m interested in membership and paid newsletter models. Researching for my project: Subvert! Migraines. When I saw the Trends report on Paid Juxtaposed Apr 8, 2020 notes Hard to reconcile the ugliness of the pandemic alongside the beauty of spring What Will The Kids Do This Summer? Apr 3, 2020 notes Let’s be honest: The projection for a fun in the sun summer 2020 is not looking good. Parents are struggling to keep kids occupied while school is Back of the Napkin Sketch Mar 31, 2020 notes My migraine episodes spur deep thinking about, migraines. I’ve often thought my experiences would translate well to a website. Rifling through some

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