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Journaling is the Game Film of Your Work May 13, 2021 Process There’s a saying in football: “The tape don’t lie.” Meaning, a players practice and game film are the singular source of truth of a player’s effort, Keyword Research to Determine Supply and Demand Jan 14, 2021 process An Overview of a recent SEO keyword research project I completed: Did a quick keyword research review and this is a penetrable market. There is no Building Long IF Statements in Google Sheets Jan 14, 2021 process Been working on a large Keyword Research project in an arena I’m largely unfamiliar. This has led to casting a wide net to find the relevant ROT13 to Obfuscate for Better Search Results Dec 9, 2020 process Documenting everything you do can create a lot of noise in your notes database. If I take the time to document something, I usually want to keep the Improvements to the 3D Printing Lab’s Network Dec 5, 2020 process Since the launch of the MIX Lab in 2015, I’ve been responsible for networking the printers. We’ve been cloud-based from the beginning. MakerBot’s Trust At A Glance - TAAG Nov 30, 2020 process In rifling through the comments of a Product Hunt post I noticed an unfamiliar acronym: Competence At A glance [CAAG]. A quick Google search did not Selective Web Scraping Nov 28, 2020 process Over the last few weeks, my research has led me to web scraping tools. I prefer web scrapers that rely on low-code, no-code, or Chrome Extensions. Drafts Action Posts to Blot Oct 14, 2020 process Amped up to share my first Draftsapp action with the community. The Drafts Action is: Publish Draft as a Post on Blot.im Kind of meta, as I’m using Podcast Editing May 7, 2020 process Let me start by saying - I am not a podcaster. Not my favorite way to consume content. I don’t usually listen to podcasts outside of my commute. Migraine Journal in Airtable Apr 26, 2020 process I’ve kept a migraine journal for years. But I admit, I’ve not done a good job with my consistentcy. The practice of recording tends to coincide with Pandemic Network Effect Apr 21, 2020 process The pandemic has overloaded my calendar. I’m in more meetings now than ever before. I’ve met more people in the last 4 weeks than I did in the prior Helping Local Business During the Pandemic Apr 16, 2020 process There is an amazing butcher in my town. The meat is amazing. Best burgers, turkey, steaks, and chicken. His meat makes me look like a superhero when Getting the Copyright Right Apr 9, 2020 process Ever notice how many websites have outdated copyrights at the bottom of the page? That diminishes my trust in the website. The content and wisdom Setting Up The Day With Intention Apr 6, 2020 process A critical part of my morning routine is organizing my meeting schedule. Some days I have 7-15 meetings scheduled. It is the nature of the work. To How I Measure Sprint Progress Apr 5, 2020 process I run all my projects through Workflowy. I measure sprint progress to keep myself on track like this: FMM Sprint: Mon, Mar 23, 2020 - Sun, Apr 5, Power of the Daily Standup Apr 2, 2020 process Three questions. That is all it takes to keep remote teams connected, accountable and up to date. I use Standups to manage our 3D Printing Lab, Which Conferencing Tool Records Audio? Apr 2, 2020 process I’ve been working remotely for more than 10 years. I’m comfortable and productive in the work from home environment Covid-19 has created. In fact, I Wordpress vs Ghost vs Squarespace vs Blot via Dropbox Apr 1, 2020 process For far too long I’ve had re-launching my blog as a task to complete. Re-reading Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work inspired me to get posting and

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