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ROT13 to Obfuscate for Better Search Results

Documenting everything you do can create a lot of noise in your notes database.

If I take the time to document something, I usually want to keep the note for future reference.

Problem: archived notes can muddy search results.

How to keep notes and exclude them from search?

Solution: Use ROT13 to obfuscate text.

Searching notes does not return encrypted text. The words are no longer the same. This eliminates encrypted notes from search results.

Keep the titles visible so Maps of Content (MOCs) and Tags still reveal them when necessary.

Decrypt the note to review as needed.

Note: ROT13 is a weak cipher not to be used for secure encryption.

Drafts App, my note software of choice, has a ROT13 action created by Tyler Robertson that makes note encryption and decryption a one-step process.

This short workflow allows me to maintain old notes, keeping signal high and noise low.

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