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Building Long IF Statements in Google Sheets

Been working on a large Keyword Research project in an arena I’m largely unfamiliar. This has led to casting a wide net to find the relevant keywords.

As such I’ve collected more keywords than normal. Identifying the signal amidst the noise is a challenge.

Through seed keywords and competitor analysis, I curated a set of 51,538 keywords to analyze.

This is before including the relevant competitor’s sites this has all led me to.

I narrowed these down to 3,422.

Now, of these 3,422 only a small portion are highly relevant based on relevance, intent, and Cost Per Click value (CPCv).

Leveraging the strength of Google Sheets formulas makes all of this palatable.

VLOOKUP is Not Always the Answer

I was struggling with my VLOOKUP tables. It was not dynamic enough.

What I discovered was the IF Formula. Based on a series of IF, IF ELSE statements.

My IF Statement was growing outside of my comfort zone so I recruited the help of AbleBits IF Formula Builder.

I’ve used AbleBits add-ons before but was never compelled to purchase - till now… signing up for a lifetime subscription.

Research Complete

Research is complete. I understand the landscape, opportunities, and gaps that intersect with our strengths.

IF statements!

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