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Research Ways To Present My Newsletter May 14, 2020 notes I’m interested in membership and paid newsletter models. Researching for my project: Subvert! Migraines. When I saw the Trends report on Paid Podcast Editing May 7, 2020 process Let me start by saying - I am not a podcaster. Not my favorite way to consume content. I don’t usually listen to podcasts outside of my commute. Migraine Journal in Airtable Apr 26, 2020 process I’ve kept a migraine journal for years. But I admit, I’ve not done a good job with my consistentcy. The practice of recording tends to coincide with Pandemic Network Effect Apr 21, 2020 process The pandemic has overloaded my calendar. I’m in more meetings now than ever before. I’ve met more people in the last 4 weeks than I did in the prior Helping Local Business During the Pandemic Apr 16, 2020 process There is an amazing butcher in my town. The meat is amazing. Best burgers, turkey, steaks, and chicken. His meat makes me look like a superhero when Getting the Copyright Right Apr 9, 2020 process Ever notice how many websites have outdated copyrights at the bottom of the page? That diminishes my trust in the website. The content and wisdom Juxtaposed Apr 8, 2020 notes Hard to reconcile the ugliness of the pandemic alongside the beauty of spring Setting Up The Day With Intention Apr 6, 2020 process A critical part of my morning routine is organizing my meeting schedule. Some days I have 7-15 meetings scheduled. It is the nature of the work. To How I Measure Sprint Progress Apr 5, 2020 process I run all my projects through Workflowy. I measure sprint progress to keep myself on track like this: FMM Sprint: Mon, Mar 23, 2020 - Sun, Apr 5, What Will The Kids Do This Summer? Apr 3, 2020 notes Let’s be honest: The projection for a fun in the sun summer 2020 is not looking good. Parents are struggling to keep kids occupied while school is Power of the Daily Standup Apr 2, 2020 process Three questions. That is all it takes to keep remote teams connected, accountable and up to date. I use Standups to manage our 3D Printing Lab, Which Conferencing Tool Records Audio? Apr 2, 2020 process I’ve been working remotely for more than 10 years. I’m comfortable and productive in the work from home environment Covid-19 has created. In fact, I Wordpress vs Ghost vs Squarespace vs Blot via Dropbox Apr 1, 2020 process For far too long I’ve had re-launching my blog as a task to complete. Re-reading Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work inspired me to get posting and Back of the Napkin Sketch Mar 31, 2020 notes My migraine episodes spur deep thinking about, migraines. I’ve often thought my experiences would translate well to a website. Rifling through some

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