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Update Evernote 2 Step Verification

Did you recently buy a new smartphone? It's exciting isn't it. Until you realize all the work that goes into updating all the services you have setup to make it run just right. For example: How did … Learn More

Summit CoWork – My Latest Venture

September 5, 2014 was the grand opening celebration of my latest venture - Summit CoWork, a co-working space in Summit, New Jersey. My co-founder Carlos Abad and I threw a BBQ celebration with 50 of … Learn More


Strategy and Tactics To Set Up A Successful Evernote Environment
THE Getting Started Guide to Evernote and so much more...

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In overall I love the e-book and it’s really well written maintaining the same easy understandable style as all your other writing in the blog or when you post to forums…
Dragan Ruzic
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