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Evernote and Google Plus – Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

I had the good fortune to appear on my friend Justin Esgar's Appitalize podcast the other day. Justin is a savvy entrepreneur, author of the book Appitalize Your Idea and an App consultant. I love … Learn More

Love It or Hate It: Evernote Context Provides Curated Content

Sometimes there are polarizing topics that create lines in the sand. Politics. Religion. Our favorite software creates a new feature. Recently Evernote added a new feature, Evernote Context which has … Learn More


Strategy and Tactics To Set Up A Successful Evernote Environment
THE Getting Started Guide to Evernote and so much more...

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LOVE the ideas here: How I Saved More Than $20,000 Using Evernote To Run My Business
Stacy Harmon
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