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Hiring Your First Employee – Here’s Some Advice

I recently did an interview with NerdWallet, my first as an instructor at Montclair State University, the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship. The topic - Ask a Professor: How to Hire Your First … Learn More

Bending Evernote: An Interview with GTD Expert and TaskClone Developer, Troy Christmas

Bending Evernote – Is an interview series I highlight here on the blog featuring Evernote users that push Evernote beyond its ordinary use to achieve extraordinary results of productivity or maximum … Learn More


Strategy and Tactics To Set Up A Successful Evernote Environment
THE Getting Started Guide to Evernote and so much more...

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In overall I love the e-book and it’s really well written maintaining the same easy understandable style as all your other writing in the blog or when you post to forums…
Dragan Ruzic
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