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2020 MIX Lab - A Year in Review

Published the MIX Lab 2020 Year in Review a few hours ago.

Impossible to believe that in 2020 we accomplished anything at all.

Yet we did. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we found ways to deliver meaningful work.

Honored to be a part of an amazing team that is the exemplar of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

The top 3 MIX Lab 2020 accomplishments I am most proud of:

  1. Our response to the Pandemic. Shield our Heroes delivered 34,000 units of PPE to front line health care workers. While I take no credit for this achievement - to be a small contributor is fulfilling.
  2. Designing the prototype for the Ranavirus NSF research grant proposal, entitled RUI: Development of a rapid aptamer-based lateral flow assay for Ranavirus, an emerging amphibian pathogen. Who would have thought creating a device to test frog urine would be so interesting? Ranavirus has the frog’s in danger.
  3. Delivering curriculum in the early summer. This required us to reimagine programs and plan during the height of the first wave of the pandemic when prospects were bleak and no one knew where we were headed. Would have been easy to put our heads down and cancel programming. Instead, we delivered meaningful content when it was needed most.

Here is the complete list of projects and their details - none of which would be possible without my tag team partner - the great doctor director Iain Kerr.

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