Create a New Evernote Notebook – The Main Evernote Notebook

Evernote, the remember everything, find anything on every device is my favorite digital notebook. You can create an archive of all your digital data such as your Evernote notes, files, pictures, web clippings, thoughts, favorite tweets, saving web pages, audio notes, scanning documents, etc… To maintain organization of all this data you need a main notebook to put everything into. Properly naming your main notebook will help you maintain a successful Evernote environment.

My previous post discussed how to create a new Evernote notebook, set it to be the default notebook and name it the .inbox to ensure we are sorting and disseminating all this data for proper organization.

Now we need to create a new Evernote notebook, this time a main notebook where we will send the majority of our data that does not fit into specific categories.

Let’s name this main Evernote notebook .yourname (Need help creating a new notebook in Evernote? Click here.)

Again with the “.”? Yes!

You want your main Evernote notebook to be at the very top of your notebook list, right above or below your .inbox as these 2 notebooks will be the two most frequently used notebooks you will access and refer to in Evernote. The “.” pushes the main notebook to the top of your notebook list.

If the data you are organizing does not fit in a specific notebook (more on that in the next post) than it belongs in your main notebook .yourname. It will be the landing place, the brain dump of your world and will account for approximately 50% + of all your notes over the course of your Evernote life. 50% of your notes when you get into the thousands of notes, you want that notebook close to the top.

Final Analysis: Create a .yourname notebook for every rouge bit of digital data you collect that does not belong in a vertical Evernote notebook.

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  1. Carlin Hush says

    Thanks for your tip. This is exactly what I have been using for the past few months. I have the .inbox notebook as my virtual inbox. I keep this clean regularly, check it several times every day and put everything in it in the respective notebooks along with tags if anything has to be done with it (#action, #waiting) or, if applicable, with a tag representing the major context this note falls within (#travel, #recipes, #webdesign, #car etc.).

    Most of my notes will only get tagged and then they land in my main dump notebook which is the same as you described above. I will find anything I need by using the search and / or the tags.

    Only some very specific topics have their own notebooks, mainly those where I need cooperation with other people (for a shared notebook) or sensitive data (in a local notebook).

    • says

      Thanks for sharing Carlin.

      Nice to see others working similar Evernote methodologies.

      I like your tagging system, great tips. I cover tags vs. notebooks in today’s post. Specific notebooks too.

  2. Guest says

    Nice to know others are following a similar methodology that works.

    Your breaking down of tags is very helpful, I like it.

    I cover notebooks vs, tags in today’s post. Again, we share similar Evernote philosophies in keeping our Evernote notebooks to specific topics.

    Thank you for sharing Carlin!

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